Director Katharine Mahalic tours elementary, middle schools, and other youth organizations with The Vacuum Kid and middle schools, high schools, and colleges with Welcome to Unity. Both films educate students of all ages about social tolerance and peer acceptance.


The workshops are catered to various groups and age levels and include a screening of the respective film, followed by a Q&A, and ending with an interactive discussion about peer tolerance and acceptance of others. The workshops and screenings provide a fantastic school program, whether presented as a school assembly or in a more intimate space such as a classroom or with a student club.


A workshop on documentary filmmaking is also offered, which includes a screening of either Welcome To Unity, or The Vacuum Kid. Katharine provides firsthand experience and invaluable details about what goes into making an independent documentary, including the logistics of production, editing, and marketing of film. This is a fantastic workshop for both college-level students and younger students interested in a filmmaking career.


Fiction narrative workshops are offered and accompanied by a screening of Katharine’s film, Michael Saints. The workshop outlines the process of making a fiction film from pre-production to the final stages of screening in the festival circuit. She delves into short-form filmmaking, providing tips and advice that any student filmmaker will find invaluable. The information provided is catered to her audience members, whether they are of college, high school, middle school, or elementary age groups.


To see a more detailed outline and pricing please contact us!  We can’t wait to visit your school or your community!

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